Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets – Fitted for Petite Too

Joanne Rushton
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I first twisted the throttle of a motorcycle on my 16th birthday.

Grainy old picture of a teenage girl with a motorcycle
Could have been me. My mom lost a lot of childhood pictures!

I was hooked from that moment on. Nothing beats the zen I achieve when it’s just me, the bike and the road. 

Back then, I rode with a pair of jeans and an old leather jacket my dad lent me (“You better not bring it back wet!” he would bark at me). But once the teenage hormones wore off, I came to my senses. I started looking around for motorcycle gear. 

What did I find? Everything that looked decent didn’t fit – either too tight in the chest or too loose in the waist. And the little women’s gear I could find came only in a paltry small size

Those jackets that DID fit… well… 

Ride however you like, but I’d like a few more choices than pink. Source

Looked something like that. And I think I speak for most women when I say we don’t want to ride around decked out in hot pink and rhinestones. 

Where are the other options?

Well, thankfully there are more options for women’s motorcycle jackets and gear every year. According to a recent Motorcycle Industry Council report, women jumped from 10% of motorcycle owners in 2009 to 19% of motorcycle owners in 2018.

Makers of motorcycle jackets are taking notice, and some women-owned businesses are popping up to serve the need. 

But I’ll bet you haven’t heard of most of these new brands catering to us ladies. 

That’s what I’m here to deliver to you – a roundup of all the best motorcycle jackets for women, by riding style: 

  • Cruiser, Cafe, and Street
  • Touring and Adventure
  • Sport, Track, and Race

I’ll give you jackets in each category suitable for any budget. Though keep in mind: every motorcycle jacket is cheaper than a skin graft. 

Send your man our roundup of the best motorcycle jackets for him. 

And then let’s get started. 

Best Street and Cruiser Motorcyle Jackets for Women

61% of women who own motorcycles own cruisers, so we’re starting here. I’ll give you three classic, low-profile options that will keep you safe and stylish on and off the bike. 

First, the budget option from Speed And Strength. 

Budget: Speed And Strength Cat Outta Hell Women’s Armored Hoody

Speed And Strength Cat Outta Hell Women's Armored Hoody
The perfect combination of style and protection, this hoody is designed to keep you safe while you ride like a bat out of hell. – Source

Let’s start with the price. At under $150, this hoodie is an absolute steal. Even better, it doesn’t look like a motorcycle jacket. 

Why do I recommend this over the other similar offerings like the Eclipse 2 Women’s Jacket from REV’IT? It has all the essential elements of a safe and comfortable motorcycle jacket, without looking like one. No odd mesh or weird cuts, just a slightly upleveled hoodie. 

You could wear this to the grocery store and nobody would know you’re packing CE approved shoulder, elbow, and back armor inside. The hand-warmer pockets are zippered, and the cuffs are gussetted to keep the wind out. You also get belt loops inside to attach to your pants, so the hoodie won’t ride up if you slide out. 

This is about as far as you can get from pink and rhinestones. 

Mid-Range: First Manufacturing The Sexy Biker Women’s Jacket

First Manufacturing The Sexy Biker Women's Jacket
Made from premium leather and featuring a flattering cut. – Source

I’m not a huge fan of the name either. But this leather jacket has an impressive, sleek profile and leaves the 90s bedazzled look at home. 

This mid-range jacket made my list because of it’s unique versatility. Leather gets HOT, but this jacket includes shoulder, back, and side vents. The zippered sleeves make for a classic look, more airflow when you want it, and a better time getting the jacket on and off. 

90s bedazzled look in leather jacket

Leave your extra sweater at home on cold days; you get a removable thermal liner in this jacket. Put some elbow, shoulder, and back armor in the provided pockets, and you’re set to ride. 

Premium: Roland Sands Maywood CE Women’s Leather Jacket

Roland Sands Maywood CE Women's Leather Jacket
Made from premium leather and featuring CE certified armor. – Source

Roland Sands is no joke, founded by a championship-winning GP rider and motorcycle racer turned custom bike builder and gear maker. Based in California, they produce gear that’s about as slick as Trinity’s black leather suit in The Matrix. 

Trinity flying on her bike. – Source

So the Maywood CE jacket would impress on a runway just as much as it will save your skin in a crash. The full grain 1.1mm thick cowhide with a water-repellent finish earned this jacket an incredible Class AA safety rating from CE (more on that here). That means abrasion and impact resistance almost up to AAA MotoGP motorcycle racing standards. 

All the zippers and pockets are waterproofed and seams are sealed to keep you dry in a downpour too. 

This is the obvious choice for style and protection as a cruiser or cafe riding woman. Just remember, any jacket is cheaper than a skin graft. Save your skin with the Roland Sands Maywood jacket!

Best Adventure and Touring Motorcyle Jackets for Women

This category is for the ladies out there hitting the trails and adventuring. You need pockets for every tool and snack, adjusters to go around every shell imaginable, and DURABLE waterproofing. 

Here’s what I’ve got for you. 

Budget: Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Women’s Jacket

Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Women's Jacket
The stylish design, combined with high-quality materials. – Source

The Sedici Alexi 2 might look plain on the outside, but it’s packing immense benefits once you unzip the front – especially for the price. That’s why it made my list. 

A friend of mine picked up this jacket not too long ago. She rode in 100+ degree sun in Morocco, and stayed cool. Then she went back to Vancouver and rode in 45 degree downpours, staying warm and dry thanks to the removable waterproof and thermal liners. 

She took a small tumble in Morocco (is it a Monkey Run if you don’t come off the bike?) – and laughed it off thanks to the CE Level 2 elbow and shoulder armor. 

This jacket covers all the bases you want in an ADV jacket. Where the mid-range and premium options shine are in more durable materials for high speed sliding and more pockets. 

Tip: Size up! This jacket runs small.

Mid-Range: Alpinestars Stella Andes v3 Jacket

Alpinestars Stella Andes v3 Jacket
With its advanced waterproofing and ventilation systems, this jacket can handle any weather condition. – Source

For not much more dough than the Sedici jacket, you enter the hallowed halls of Alpinestars. If I had to ride through a ring of fire, I would wear an Alpinestars race suit without a doubt. 

But here we’re talking Adventure jackets (back on topic, Jess – they don’t care about your Evel Knievel fantasies). 

The Sedici jacket rocks, but this one is just a bit better – and I think that more than justifies a slightly higher price. The sleeve adjustments on this jacket are velcro sliders instead of snaps, which hold better and give you more customization. 

The Drystar waterproofing is applied to the outside shell, unlike the Sedici which has its waterproofing on an inside liner. You also get a full-sleeve thermal insert, Nucleon Flex elbow and shoulder armor, and TONS of waterproof pockets

Pop an Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag system inside this jacket, and you’re set to go. No tough trail ride will get the better of you. 

Premium: Klim Artemis Women’s Jacket

Klim Artemis Women's Jacket
This jacket is designed to keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather. – Source

Some adventure riders love their jackets more than most women collect shoes. Here’s why you should add the Klim Artemis to your collection. 

First, you get unmatched airflow. You may as well be riding shirtless with the 8 zippered vents. But unlike a bikini-clad ditz, you’re safe from the pavement, rocks, branches and more. 

And your skin is safer than in other jackets thanks to the super-strong Cordura and Superfabric used in this jacket’s shell. If you’ll ride on the street in your adventure jacket, consider this. 

Premium price also means premium comfort from the seamless underarms and soft leather at the cuffs. Of course, everything is infinitely adjustable, from the waist to the forearms. 

I’ll let you in on a secret: The runner ups in this category were the REV’IT! Sand 4 H2O Women’s Jacket and Spidi 4Season EVO H2Out Women’s Jacket. 

You’ll be protected and comfortable in any of these three options. However, the Klim Artemis tops the other two in ventilation and adjustment (especially at the waist). 

Best Track and Racing Motorcyle Jackets for Women

Alright you badass racers, here are the jackets that will save your beautiful skin when you touch more than a knee to the track. Your typical race jacket will squeeze all the air out of your chest while leaving your stomach with plenty of room. 

These women’s jackets fit your form, allowing you to focus on the throttle and turns. 

Budget: Joe Rocket Velocity Women’s Jacket

Joe Rocket Velocity Women's Jacket
Still want that hot pink look? Here it is (but available in many other colors too). – Source

This one is for you Florida riders facing nothing but heat and rain. Cut for the female shape with longer-than-average sleeves, this jacket tends to fit women where most others don’t. 

pink motorcycle jacket for women

While it’s slim on features, it does come with a waterproof liner and an inside pocket. Plus, reflective stripes and logos help drivers see you at night without needing to wear hot pink. 

Although, this jacket does come in pink!

Mid-Range: Alpinestars Stella T-GP Plus R v4 Air Jacket

Alpinestars Stella T-GP Plus R v4 Air Jacket
This jacket offers unmatched comfort and protection while riding. – Source

Back to Alpinestars. Most race suits are made for men, and may as well be corsets on the average woman. Not the Stella. With pre-curved sleeves and an hourglass shape, you wouldn’t get fatigued doing 100 laps in this jacket. 

Elbow and shoulder protectors are included, and you get spots for back AND chest protection. That last bit is usually reserved for much pricier jackets. 

Never fear being caught in the rain on a ride – just stash your phone in the waterproof internal pocket. 

This is a track-ready jacket without a MotoGP pricetag. 

That all said, neither of these jackets compares to the premium pick in the race category, which is up next. 

Premium: Dainese Avro 5 Women’s Leather Jacket

Hot off the presses is the Dainese Avro 5, an update on the popular Avro 4. With Tutu cowhide leater (not skirt) this jacket is tough, and well-placed stretch panels allow it to hug your form snugly through the tightest of corners.

The side air vents keep it cool in warm weather, but there’s also a removable thermal lining for colder temperatures. Very versatile for a sport jacket.

It’s CE AA rated, which isn’t stellar for a track jacket, but is fairly standard across the industry. CE Level 1 armor throughout is the bare minimum, but I’d recommend you buy a set of CE Level 2 armor for shoulders and elbows, as well as a solid CE Level 2 back protector.

If you’re really serious about sport and track riding, consider going for a full race suit like the airbag-enabled Dainese Misano 2 D-Air Perforated Women’s Race Suit.

New Brands Making Motorcycle Jackets for Women

Not finding anything you like in my recommendations? 

No sweat, because I discovered some lesser-known brands that might have just what you’re looking for. Each of these is making motorcycle gear specifically for women, and riders are taking notice. 

At Wyld: By Women, For Women

AtWyld Founded by Anya Violet
Anya Violet, Founder of At Wyld

At Wyld was founded in 2016 by Anya Violet to bring women jackets made just for them. At Wyld prides itself on designing jackets for women of all shapes and sizes, ensuring comfort, fit, and style. Their gear uses top-notch materials and could fit in a fashion show just as easily as on your ride. 

They don’t skimp on safety either: you’ll find CE-approved armor, reflective accents for enhanced visibility and well-placed vents for breathability on all their jackets. 

At Wyld’s commitment to empowering female riders sets them apart, offering not only fashionable choices but also fostering a sense of community and support.

Spidi: Italian Technical Apparel

Made in Italy, SPIDI dresses up MotoGP racers as well as jungle adventurers. They became known among female riders for their huge offering of technical motorcycle jackets like the 4 Season EVO Lady

Since then they’ve added more classic options like the Spidi Vintage Women’s Jacket. Spidi’s dual commitment to innovation and heritage in motorcycle fashion sets them apart from competitors, positioning them as a top choice for style-savvy women.

Tobacco: Women’s Jackets on a Budget

Tobacco is celebrated for its chic yet budget-friendly women’s motorcycle jackets. One standout offering is their Riveter Riding Shirt, designed with a denim and Kevlar exterior, pockets for elbow armor and the ability to screen print the back. 

Tobacco is generally cheaper than other well-fitting women’s gear. However, they don’t skimp on quality or style. If you’re budget conscious, check out Tobacco. 

Roland Sands: Racing Heritage, Women’s Fit

women motorcycle jackets

Roland Sands tends to be expensive – but they’ve earned that right. Founded in 2005 by a former MotoGP champion, every piece they make takes in the wisdom of a career flying down a track. 

My premium pick for best classic cruiser jacket was a Roland Sands, but they have many offerings at a lower price point as well: just check out Revzilla. And pick up some riding jeans while you’re at it – they’ll save your legs some day. 

That’s it! 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, and let me know in the comments: What’s the best motorcycle jacket for you, as a woman?


What is the difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets?

The difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets lies in the fit and design. Women’s motorcycle jackets are cut for the female form, often featuring narrower shoulders, a tapered waist, and room for hips and bust. Men’s jackets tend to have a straighter cut and broader shoulders. 

While women’s jackets used to mean a choice of hot pink and hotter pink, manufacturers are waking up to the fact that we women want more choices. So we’re seeing lots of colors come on the market the past few years. 

Protective features, such as armor and abrasion-resistant materials, are often the same for both men’s and women’s jackets.

I bought a new bike and then he asked… Are you gonna sell the old one

What size motorcycle is best for a woman? 

Finding the right size motorcycle for a woman is the same as for a man. Go to your local dealership and sit on some bikes – pay attention to how your legs feel when they’re on the pegs or floorboards. Make sure your arms are relaxed with hands on the bars. 

If you’re looking for a lighter and lower motorcycle, look at the cruiser-style Honda Rebel, Kawasaki Vulcan S, and Harley-Davidson Superlow 1200T. Each has a low seat height and manageable weight. 

What are some good women’s motorcycle jackets from Harley-Davidson?

Thankfully, Harley picked up on the trend of more women riding motorcycles years ago. However, keep in mind with a Harley jacket you’re usually paying a bit extra just to have that logo. Here are a few popular Harley jackets for women: 

Miss Enthusiast 3-in-1 Leather Jacket

Women’s Mesa ADV Jacket

Women’s Cora Mesh 2.0 3-in-1 Jacket


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