Welcome to It’s Better On The Road, the premier travel and tourism service specializing in custom motorcycle adventures worldwide.

We believe in the transformative power of the road to open hearts and minds. Our mission is to inspire personal growth and foster connections among 100,000 explorers through our trips and community, driving the spirit of exploration forward.

Since our inception in 2019, we’ve pursued this mission by organizing motorcycle adventures across the globe. More recently, we’ve begun delivering comprehensive, meticulously researched information on motorcycle routes, gear and off-the-beaten-path travel insights directly from the global riding community.

Our Journey

It’s Better On The Road began as a personal project by Evan, a passionate motorcyclist driven by a quest to explore every corner of the globe on two wheels. He started helping others plan explorations on their own with expertise developed through his own adventures, and quickly scaled up the business.

In 2024, we completed an acquisition of MotoGearNuts to add motorcycle gear reviews to our site and begin our journey in to content creation. This acquisition help us fulfill our vision of being a robust platform for sharing travel experiences and motorcycling tips in partnership with riders around the world.

To put our own explorations in to practice, we launched Ride of Passage: a boutique motorcycle adventure company specializing in tours money can’t buy.

Our Mission

Motorcycling is more than just the equipment; it’s about the flow of the road, the camaraderie of riders, the thrill of the throttle and the incredible discoveries and transformations the road provides.

It’s Better On The Road embodies this spirit, offering a gateway to expansive adventures that include everything from “fly and ride” packages to solo explorations through our routes and guides. We aim to enrich your travels with connections to authentic experiences and like-minded riders, enriching every trip through camaraderie and personal growth.

Our Community

We thrive on the contributions of real riders who spend their days discovering the world on two wheels. We want to share your adventures through our platform.

These are the individuals who, despite flinging mud and battling unstable internet connections, take the time to share their stories and invaluable tips with us from across the globe. It’s Better On The Road is committed to supporting, amplifying, and broadcasting those voices to inspire and inform all riders willing to listen.

Get Involved

Our vision of inspiring and connecting 100,000 explorers cannot happen alone; we need to work with you, the riding and exploring community. Whether you’re an experienced rider with tales to tell or a newcomer eager to explore, join our community by reaching out to Evan at [email protected].

Your stories and insights will help shape the adventures of others and lead to new rides and experiences you cannot imagine today. Trust me, I’ve lived it.

Watch for Imposters

Please note that It’s Better On The Road does not contribute content to other websites unless explicitly linked through our site or our the official social media profiles of our founder, Evan Rally. Ensure you are interacting with our authentic channels to get reliable information.

Evan’s Rides

I spend most of my time touring around Northern Thailand, but I’ve done longer rides I’ve documented below. If you’d like to connect about any of these rides or ones you’re going on, shoot me an email at [email protected].

Thailand, North to South

In 2021 I packed up my CRF250 and headed south from Chiang Mai, riding along the west side of the country down to the island of Koh Phangan.

Picking up my bike in Surat Thani for the return trip.

I went solo and spent a bit of time in Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Surat Thani and Koh Phangan. The round trip was about six weeks. I’m happy to share what I learned with you if you’re considering this ride or region.

The Bitcoin Tour of America

In 2022 I came back to my home country of the USA for the first time in three years. I bought a Harley Davidson Ultra Limited and embarked on a tour across the country to visit various local Bitcoin meetups.

I also took on a new nickname through this trip, from my Twitter handle: Sidd. It stuck, and I still use it today.

Overlooking the California desert that almost killed me.

All in all I covered about 12,000 miles and visited over 30 Bitcoin meetups and events. I was able to secure sponsorship for the trip from Swan Bitcoin, Unchained Capital, Bitcoin Magazine and Upstream Data. Swan Bitcoin made a miniseries about this trip which you can find below.

A rough map of the entire 101 day journey.