Riding in Thailand (Free)

Want to experience motorcycle heaven? Get over to the Land of Smiles.

Your ticket to the motorcycle trip of a lifetime in Thailand. Find out what to pack, how to prepare, where to rent your motorcycle, where to stay and what routes to ride in this incredible land.

Why ride in Thailand?

Thailand has the perfect combination of affordability, hospitality, and twisty roads and trails to suit any riding style. Whether you want to rip a sportbike through twisties or conquer trails for days on a dirtbike, Thailand has some of the best routes the world has to offer. And I'll reveal a few of my favorites in this free guide.

Accommodation is affordable and comfortable: a basic hotel room along your route might cost you $20 a night. Food is plentiful and delicious, at only a few bucks a meal. And the roads… don't get me started. Curves as far as the eye can see.

But navigating Thailand can be intimidating – unless you're armed with local knowledge. Written by an American living in Thailand, that's exactly what this guide offers. I'll get you through the tourist traps and into authentic Thailand: a place of serene beauty, comfort and safety that is likely unattainable (or unaffordable) in your home country. This guide isn't a travel blogger's opinion after a month in Thailand; these are the actual routes and tips I use to ride in this country every day, year after year.

Here's what you get inside the guide:

The top reasons to ride in Thailand

What makes Thailand so incredible for motorcycle riders? Here are all the facts from years of riding here.

Planning your trip

What you need to figure out before you jet off to the Land of Smiles, like your motorcycle rental and first hotel. Hint: it's not much.

Top routes to ride in Thailand

Not just map links, but personal recommendations for cafes and restaurants to visit along the way and hotels to stay at.

What to pack for your trip

What essentials are necessary to bring from home and what you can pick up while you're here.

Getting to Thailand

Tips for traveling to Thailand, including getting into the country without hassle and adjusting to the time change.

Enjoying Thailand

The cultural knowledge you need to know to stay clear of the bad (food poisoning, scams) and enjoy all the good that Thailand has to offer (street food, wonderful people).

How to ride in Thailand

Get up to speed on road etiquette before you twist the throttle and set off.

Take a peek - it's free after all!

Whether you've never considered riding in Thailand or you're dying to go, this guide will help you figure out the next step.

Every tip was crafted from my personal experience living and riding here. If you have any more questions, reach out to me at [email protected] and I'll get right back to you.