Joanne Rushton

Joanne Rushton

Traveler and staff writer.

Joanne brings a blend of wanderlust flair and extensive motorcycling experience to the It’s Better On The Road community. Her journey with It’s Better On The Road began when Evan, recognizing her writing talent and deep motorcycling knowledge, persuaded her to write a few articles when the site was just starting out. 

Joanne’s experience in corporate communications means she cranks out content like nobody’s business, and her extensive travels – mostly in Asia – give her a unique perspective on the extremes of motorcycling.

When she’s not writing about her experiences or traversing mountain passes, Joanne can be found in cafes and bars, mingling with fellow riders. These interactions are more than social; they are a source of learning and understanding the nuances of motorcycling gear and the art of riding.

Follow Joanne’s journey on It’s Better On The Road as she continues to explore the world on two wheels.

You can contact Joanne at [email protected] or connect with her on LinkedIn.