Jan Marc Staelens

Jan Marc Staelens

Senior Editor

Jan Marc “JM” Staelens, Ph.D. has pursued a zigzagging career leading nowhere across five continents. He was forced to face up to the undeniable truth that his stints working in the corporate rat race, Foreign Affairs, academia, and running his own companies, were merely ludicrous self-delusional attempts trying to hide that he was only cut out for one thing: riding motorcycles! 

Afflicted with two-wheeled wanderlust born from an innate curiosity for what’s beyond the horizon, JM pursued an international career spanning Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, and Asia. An unconditional requirement for accepting overseas assignments was the opportunities for motorcycling the location offered, leading JM to turn down a promising career opportunity on Wall Street, much to his father’s disappointment.

JM greatly enjoys exploring faraway places on a motorcycle. Nothing lifts his spirit more than riding gnarly trails into a remote mountain range or desolate desert and rolling out his sleeping bag next to his bike for a blissful night under the stars. If not out riding, JM enjoys reading, mountain biking, tinkering with motorcycles, and writing for motorcycle magazines including ADVMoto Magazine and GearJunkie. 

Although a veteran of intercontinental bike trips, he keeps adding far-flung destinations to his bucket list. JM considers himself fortunate to share his love for motorcycling with his wife and adult kids, who all ride too. To facilitate living their passion, the family keeps a motorcycle fleet at their base camps in Belgium, Thailand, Portugal, and California.