Carl Gustafson

Carl Gustafson

Product review correspondent.

Carl brings attention to detail and a lust for life to the It’s Better On The Road community. Based out of Pennsylvania, he rides an MT-07 almost year round. His obsession with gear and safe riding makes everyone in the riding community not only safer, but better riders and road users. 

Carl’s experience in finance and entrepreneurship make him a detailed analyst of every piece of gear he picks up. No small detail escapes his keen eye, and that makes his reviews better than the average rider’s. 

When Carl isn’t riding, he’s probably working or walking his two dogs with his wife. Look out for more reviews of gear from Carl soon!

Hear about Carl’s hands-on tests on It’s Better On The Road as he continues to sort jewels from junk in motorcycle gear. 

You can contact Carl at [email protected] or connect with him on LinkedIn.