Top 10 Unique and Practical Gifts for Motorcycle Riders in 2024

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So you want to get a great gift for your friend, spouse or family member who just can’t keep themselves off their two-wheeled dream machine.

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We here at It’s Better On The Road understand both sides of that equation: from the giver to the receiver. Givers who don’t ride want to make sure their riders enjoy their ride while also staying safe: we have a few perfect picks for you, including the best value piece of safety equipment that fits under any jacket. These will make good gifts whether you ride in upstate New York, the plains of Texas, the mountains of California, the coastlines of Florida or any other wonderful road or trail on this beautiful Earth.

Enjoying a motorcycle ride in a breathtaking location!
Kit out your favorite motorcycle rider so they can get back on the road! (Image Source)

We also have some gifts you might want to buy for yourself, if you ride – like the easiest and most secure motorcycle phone holder, a complete motorcycle wash kit, and a very practical lightweight motorcycle jacket that you can wear off the bike too.

Other gift lists will give you dull recommendations like action cameras, a motorcycle backpack, motorcycle lift, or motorcycle covers… that’s like giving a mother a box of diapers for Christmas. Not a good look.

They’ll also recommend kitschy crap that most actual riders don’t care for: like a motorcycle parking sign or motorcycle cuff links.

But to my friends reading this, I have a soft spot for classic motorcycle movies so I wouldn’t mind getting the Marlon Brando in The Wild One Schott 118 Perfecto jacket, thank you very much!

Marlon Brando in THE WILD ONE looking effortlessly cool
Marlon Brando in THE WILD ONE looking effortlessly cool. (Image Source)

This list is different. To create this list, I polled my motorcycle riding friends about what they’d like to receive as gifts. But I also cross-referenced that with what their spouses and friends wished they had… leading to a nice mix of gifts that will impress any rider and improve their safety on the road as well.

Quick List: The Best Gifts for the Rider In Your Life

You need to get the right gift and get on with it. Here are the top picks this year.

Still have 5 more and some bonuses for you in the full list. Enjoy!

9 Products and 4 Bonuses for Any Motorcycle Lover

I’ve included nine great products below you could buy as gifts for a biker, as well as a whopping four bonuses you can stuff in a stocking or give if you’d rather your rider decides what they want.

No matter the holiday – Christmas, Hanukkah, Father’s Day, or a birthday (either the rider’s or the bike’s) – you’ll find something on this list to suit. These products start at just $9, so you have no excuse not to pick something up! A few are major motorcycle purchases, like motorcycle jackets, but most are around $50-$150. If you can’t decide, you could always pick up a Revzilla gift certificate: buy online and print, no shipping or shopping trip required. You can load one certificate with any amount from $5 (if you want to insult someone!) up to $500.

Let’s get in to the list of top products for your favorite motorcycle rider.

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount: Best Phone Holder for Any Rider

My own Quad Lock setup

Price: $50 – $100


  • Mount Type: Handlebar mount, fitting handlebar sizes 22m (⅞”), 25mm (1”), 28mm (1-⅛”), 32mm (1-¼”) (diameter)
  • Compatibility: Universal mount for most popular phone models, from iPhones to Android
  • Orientation: Supports landscape and horizontal
  • Quality: Excellent, with over 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon


  • Insanely easy to connect and disconnect phone from mount – unlike any other mount
  • Simple to install with included hex key tool
  • Flexible mount supports landscape and horizontal phone orientation


  • Need a Quad Lock phone case or adapter on your phone

I’ve lived many years without a phone mount on my bike and done just fine. But now that I have one, I can’t imagine how I ever lived without one… and every friend of mine who has a phone mount says the same.

Every time I rent a motorcycle and they ask me if I want a phone holder. (Source)

However, not all mounts are made equal. Many a $1,000 new phone has turned to dust under a semi-truck tire due to low-quality yet seemingly “nice” phone holders. On top of that, many mounts are finicky and annoying to use, or transfer all the force of the engine’s rattling right to the delicate lenses within a modern cell-phone’s camera.

A phone mount makes navigation, music, and taking calls on a motorcycle SO much easier, it’s well worth every penny to get a high quality phone mount that just works.

Quad Lock is the perfect phone mount today, hands down. Their reputation among motorcyclists is pristine. Their mount options are endless (from fork mounts, to handlebar, to mirror, to ball and socket that can be used with RAM mounts)

So many mounting options (and wireless charging!). Image Source

I swear SpaceX could put an iPhone on a Quad Lock Ball adapter with a RAM claw mount on the side of a Falcon 9 and it would make it to space without breaking a sweat.

Quad Lock’s patented dual-stage lock design is loved by motorcycle riders because it allows for easy connection and disconnection of a phone. No screwing or stretching required, just push the phone down and twist. Unlock most other phone mounts, this can be done with one hand, which is a huge plus when you’re trying to manage gloves, a bike, a helmet and more.

The only downside of the Quad Lock system is that it needs a dedicated case to be used with the phone that’s going on to the mount. However, all is not lost if your rider loves their existing phone case! Quad Lock also sells a very slim adapter that can stick on to any phone case.

Quad Lock also sells tons of amazing accessories for their mounts – even a charger option which allows the rider’s phone to wirelessly charge through the mount itself (using the bike’s battery). How amazing is that…

Yes, the price on the Quad Lock is higher than many other phone mounts – but the value just FAR surpasses any other mount.

Tip: I highly recommend you pick up this small accessory that absorbs vibrations from the motorcycle so they aren’t transferred to the delicate internals of the cell phone. It’s a cheap insurance policy against potential damage.

The essential Quad Lock vibration damper!


  • Security: 5/5
  • Installation: 5/5
  • Flexibility: 5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5

Cardo Spirit: Affordable Motorcycle Communication System

My own Cardo Spirit has served me well inside a Shoei RF-SR and a Schuberth C3 Pro.

Price: <$100


  • Connects to any cell phone for seamless navigation, music streaming and calls
  • Battery Life: Up to 13 hours
  • Intercom Range: Up to 1/4 mile or 400 meters with 1 other rider or passenger (universal connectivity too – connect to other brands)
  • Fully waterproof! (Unlike Sena)


  • Stay connected with other riders and loved ones on the road
  • Easily control navigation and music with voice commands or glove-friendly buttons
  • Durable and waterproof construction
  • Extremely affordable price for a Bluetooth headset (most are $200+)


  • Speakers get tinny at high volumes (but I have a solution for that below…)

The Cardo Spirit (and Spirit HD) provide an exceptional experience on the motorcycle, enabling riders to stay connected and make hands-free calls while enjoying crystal clear audio. This advanced communication system utilizes Bluetooth technology with superior noise cancellation capabilities so that riders can communicate clearly even at higher speeds.

I ride with this unit every day and have used it for multiple trips with one other rider. Connection between riders is easy and stable. The volume on your music automatically fades when you or your riding partner speak in to the intercom.

The attention the Cardo team paid to all these little details makes this unit a superb value. For lone wolf riders or people who only ride with a few others – even for a single motorcycle trip – this unit is exactly what a motorcycle rider needs, and that’s why it’s one of my top motorcycle gifts.

The Cardo Spirit motorcycle communication system is an outstanding and dependable addition for any rider’s set of gear. The only downside? Those 32mm speakers wimp out at high volumes.

The solution to poor audio quality is simple: upgrade to the Cardo JBL 45mm speaker kit. These speakers plug right in to the Cardo Spirit, so replacing the stock set takes 2 minutes. The 45mm kit sounds like a movie theater. And that is why I ride with this setup every day!


  • Connectivity: 4/5
  • Audio quality: 3/5 (but fixable)
  • Battery life: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5

If you ride with a big group, the Cardo Packtalk EDGE is the right option – allowing connection to limitless other riders over intercom.

Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest: Premium Safety Gear for Riders

Price: $600+


  • Peak Safety: 50 times MORE protection than the best $1,000+ motorcycle jackets
  • Low Key or Bright: Available in Black or Hi-Viz Yellow, can be worn under or over jacket
  • Simple: Set up and use in seconds, can be reset if it goes off. Ideal for any kind of rider, especially off-road (where falling is more common)


  • Can be worn over existing jackets
  • Excellent vital organ coverage
  • Air bladder expands more than competitors
  • Restricts head movement when deployed to prevent neck hyperextension or clavicle fractures
  • Easy CO2 canister replacement to reset after it expands in a crash
  • Won’t get hot because it flows air well
  • So comfortable the rider won’t even know it’s there
  • Available in high visibility yellow color for extra safety


  • Pricey for a piece of motorcycle gear (but a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the hospital)

The Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest is the ultimate piece of safety gear for riders, offering protection that no jacket or piece of fabric can provide thanks to its cutting-edge airbag technology. Simply said, this vest is nothing but a thin piece of fabric until just before a crash.

In a crash, the rider separates from the bike just a bit with force: this pulls on a tether connected to a CO2 cartridge in the jacket, pulling out a pin and releasing gas in to the vest. In under a tenth of a second, the vest goes from thin to completely inflated, stabilizing the rider’s neck and protecting vital organs from impacts better than any jacket on the market.

Airbags are now required in MotoGP motorcycle racing. Image Source

Helmets aside, there is no better piece of motorcycle safety equipment money can buy.

The Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vest is an essential piece of riding equipment providing the highest level of safety and comfort. The lightweight design allows for easy mobility, while its quick inflation gives riders peace-of-mind that their protection is in place if needed. This vest really delivers on a great combination to both provide superior coverage and not inhibit movement or cramp any style during rides.

There are other airbags on the market like the Tech Air 5, but I believe the Helite Air is the best value and simplest to operate. They also have an adventure and leather jacket version.


  • Protection: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5 (have to connect the tether to the bike before you set off)
  • Value: 10/5

KLIM Marrakesh Jacket: Feels like a Casual Jacket, Holds Up like Track Leathers

Price: $350+


  • Manufacturer: Klim (the undisputed king of adventure motorcycle gear)
  • Protection Factor: 1000 denier slide resistance (similar to thick racing leathers) with Ghost D30 CE Level 1 vented armor in elbows, shoulders, and back
  • Available Colors: Stealth Black, Cool Gray, Teak, and Petrol – Potter’s Clay (what does that even mean? Your guess is as good as mine)
  • Available in Women’s cut too.


  • Incredible comfort and effortless style – looks like a normal jacket
  • Excellent fit and finish as one would expect from Klim
  • Level 1 armor at all potential impact zones, including back protector
  • Flows air incredibly well everywhere due to the weave of the fabric


  • Not waterproof, water resistant, or bulletproof (Come on, Klim)
  • Athletic fit (Might need to trim in that beer belly or go up a size)

The KLIM Marrakesh Textile Jacket is the perfect piece of riding gear for warm weather rides, providing more airflow than any mesh jacket on the market. This is due to Klim bucking the trend of “mesh panels” that flow air in one are while trapping hot air in other areas. Instead of mesh panels, Klim decided to weave the entire jacket so that it flows like ONE GIANT MESH PANEL!

As casual as can be. Source

But somehow they achieved that while also providing as much abrasion resistance as track leathers.

Imagine wearing no shirt at all while you’re riding, but suddenly wearing a leather racing suit as soon as you hit the pavement. That’s the KLIM Marrakesh in a nutshell.

Money can’t buy your skin back, but it can buy a KLIM Marrakesh! And it’s available in a women’s cut as well.


  • Comfort and Airflow: 5/5
  • Protection: 5/5
  • Style: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5 (T-shirt always gonna be cheaper than good protection!)

Universal Socket Tool: Perfect for Quick Fixes

Price: $10 – $25


  • Material: Premium steel with plated finish
  • Size Range: 1/4” – 3/4” (7mm-19mm)
  • Compatibility: Fits standard and metric bolts


  • Can remove nuts and bolts of any size
  • Compact, flexible and portable
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Versatile tool for any project


  • May strip bolt heads with excessive use
  • Not suitable for deep screws/bolts

Universal Socket Tools are an invaluable addition to any motorcycle tool kit and make quick adjustments or repairs while on the go incredibly easy. Featuring a durable, plated steel construction that ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, these tools can be used to tackle nuts of all sizes without having multiple sockets in your bag – saving you both time, money, and valuable space on the motorbike!

Always ready for any job. Image Source

This one entered the pantheon of motorcycle gifts because it provides invaluable peace of mind for any motorcycle rider. There’s nothing quite like seeking solitude in to the wilderness or across a desert on your motorcycle, just to find that you’re marooned in the middle of nowhere with a loose bolt.

A universal socket tool ensures your rider doesn’t need to bring the whole toolbox just to make a quick fix while out on a motorcycle ride. From my own personal experience, this is one of those tools that saves hours and lots of agony. Motorcycle lovers love fixing problems quickly when they’re on the roadside.

Well worth the ten bucks. Pick up the one below on Amazon.


  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5

Motorcycle Earplugs: Essential Gear for Noise Reduction

Price: $10+


  • Material: Silicone
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 22-24 dB
  • Compatibility: Fits most ear sizes


  • Effective at reducing noise levels
  • Tuned for frequencies damaging to ears, but maintains clarity of road noise – horns, approaching cars, etc
  • Allows for better hearing in noisy environments


  • May be uncomfortable for some users
  • Specialized motorcycle earplugs carry a higher price than simple phone earplugs (but filter out the right noise)

Motorcycle earplugs are a must-have for riders looking to enjoy their ride with maximum comfort and safety. The best types (like the one I’ll recommend below) do two things better than the competition:

  1. They feature an ultra low profile design that virtually disappears in the ears, ensuring comfort even on long rides.
  2. They filter out the right frequencies so riders can hear horns, approaching cars, and other necessary noises while filtering out droning wind noise and the damaging high notes of a nice set of custom exhaust pipes.

These two features make specialized motorbike earplugs well worth the premium cost over cheap foam plugs.

In my research and among my friends, we love the EarPeace Moto Pro set. They do a great job of cutting out the sounds you don’t want to hear while amplifying the sounds you do.


  • Noise Reduction: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Sound Clarity: 5/5
  • Price: 3/5

Motorcycle Heated Gloves from Gerbing: Best for Cold Weather Rides

Price: $99+


  • Construction: Aniline Cowhide leather with Superfabric sliders and Aquatex breathable water resistant membrane.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Yes, at index fingers
  • Insulation: 150G Thinsulate
  • Power Source: Plugs right in to a bikes 12V battery system for unlimited battery


  • Comfortable for cold and wet conditions
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Pre-curved fingers for comfortable grip on the bars
  • Armored knuckles and Superfabric offer great protection in a crash
  • 150G of Thinsulate insulation and heating elements throughout the entire gloves (all the way up each finger).


  • Plugs in to the bike (but also doesn’t need a heavy battery as a result!)

Whether riding to work in the rain or adventuring in the Alpine snow, heated gloves are a must. If a rider loses feeling in their hands, they lose the most important point of control over their motorcycle. That makes heated motorcycle gloves a necessity for anyone riding in cold conditions.

Motorcycle riders can enjoy both warmth and dexterity with heated gloves, giving them the perfect grip for cold weather rides. The Gerbing gloves I’ve recommended below feature everything necessary to make for a comfortable and safe journey down to freezing conditions. And they rely on the battery in your bike, so they’re also suitable for adventure riding where you might not see a plug for a few days.

Don’t forget to also purchase the battery harness needed to connect these to a motorcycle’s battery!


  • Warmth: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Dexterity: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5

Another option that doesn’t require plugging in to your bike are these Venustas heated gloves, which use a battery pack for power. We’ve tested the Venustas Vest and were very impressed with it.

Muc-Off Pressure Washer: For Proud Motorcycle Owners

Price: $300 – $350


  • All in one wash kit made specifically for motorcycles
  • Includes pressure washer and several cleaning solutions
  • Amazing attention to detail with a slot for every tool and a waterproof bag (keeping drips IN, not on your garage floor)


  • Easy to use with great cleaning performance (for more than motorcycles!)
  • Multiple steps to clean all dirt and grime off every part of a bike – from tires to bags to seats.


  • Pressure washers can damage seals like those on bearings (goes with any pressure washer!)

This is the perfect gift for a rider who treats their motorcycle more like a museum piece than a mode of transport. Muc Off makes some of the best cleaning products specific to motorcycles and riding gear on the market, and this kit is no exception. It includes everything necessary to wash a motorcycle from tip to tail, with a powerful portable pressure washer that fits in a custom-made waterproof bag.

Setup couldn’t be simpler – you won’t need to open any instruction manual to get started. Just connect a house to the unit and plug it in. Connect a sprayer and a bottle (the foam is fun) and pull the trigger. Let the fun begin.

With adjustable pressure settings and multiple spray attachments, it effectively cleans any motorcycle without risking doing damage to paint or critical components of the bike.

Motorcycle lovers will love you even more for hooking them up with the Muc-Off Pressure Washer kit. They might just spend more time washing their bike than riding it!


  • Performance: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Versatility: 4/5
  • Price: 3.5/5

Freeway Blasters Custom Motorcycle Horn: Be Heard

Mounting idea. Source

Price: ~$15


  • High decibel, low note horn
  • Connects to any motorcycle’s battery
  • Compact and easy to attach to any motorcycle


  • Universal compatibility with all motorcycles
  • Much louder than stock motorcycle horns
  • Nice low tone that isn’t embarrassing to fire off from a big bike
  • High quality mounting hardware


  • None – unless you like having a weak horn

This would be the second upgrade I’d make to any new motorcycle, after a new exhaust setup (stock exhausts these days… don’t get me started). A new horn like the Freeway Blaster is a cheap upgrade that takes a short 10 minutes to install on any motorcycle, yet it instantly improves your visibility on the road.

And the first thing you learn as a motorcyclist is that nobody is paying attention to you on the road. Now when that F150 cuts you off, you can blow the driver’s socks off with your 100+ dB horn. For comparison, this horn is almost as loud as a gunshot. Any driver will be sure to hear it, and that means your rider is MUCH more likely to be noticed out on the road.

The problem with relying on exhausts to be heard is that they point backwards. So driver’s only hear them after the motorcycle has passed. They can’t hear nearly anything when they’re chatting on their cell phone and swerving in front of a motorcycle, causing a nasty crash.

A good loud horn fixes that. For less dough than a sandwich.


  • Volume: 5/5 (133 dB at 4 inches from the horn)
  • Ease of Installation: 5/5
  • Compatibility: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5

BONUS 1: Try a Dream Bike with Riders Share or EagleRider

Us motorcycle enthusiasts sometimes find our pocketbooks come in conflict with our desires. One day I see a clean Harley Street Glide float past and the next I’m googling financing options… then I hear a Ducati rip down the highway and I’m chatting with the Ducati sales staff over the weekend.

Then I found out I can rent all my dream bikes through Rider’s Share and EagleRider.

Rider’s Share allows motorcycle owners to rent their bikes peer to peer, meaning you get to borrow someone else’s freedom machine for a day (or a week, or a while).

Still waiting for Keanu Reeves to put his motorcycle collection up on Rider’s Share… still waiting, Keanu. Source

They have thousands of bikes for rent on their platform all over the USA, and offer coverage for your rental plus roadside assistance if you have any trouble with your borrowed ride. My friends love this platform both as renters and provider’s of bikes. It’s a great way to make some passive income with a bike that’s just sitting in the garage as well…

Give your favorite motorcycle riders the chance to rent the ride of their dreams with a gift card for Rider’s Share.

The other platform to check out is EagleRider. Unlike Rider’s Share, Eagle Rider rents the bikes out themselves like Hertz or Avis rent out cars, making them ideal for large group rides where you might want to rent 5 or 10 bikes of a similar model.

EagleRider has a LOT of bikes. Source

All my experiences with EagleRider were superb, with quick pickup and drop off and well-maintained rides. They even allow you to pick up in one location and drop off in another, making EagleRider ideal for point to point rides. I once used them for a stunning 8 day ride from Denver, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona – traversing the Rocky Mountains and crossing the deserts to the Grand Canyon. Pick up and drop off took 10 minutes total.

You can pick up a gift card for EagleRider here.

BONUS 2: Let The Rider Decide with Revzilla Gift Card

Can’t pick a gift? Is the rider in your life just too choosy? Let them pick their own gift from the incredible products offered over at Revzilla. Pick up a Revzilla gift certificate online here, and check them off your list. Revzilla offers quality stuff, and you’re WAY less likely to buy a lemon of a piece of gear or equipment off Revzilla than searching Amazon or elsewhere.

I just saved you hours in the gift buying process!

BONUS 3: Custom Drawing or Painting of Their Motorcycle

Okay, I know I hated on kitschy gifts earlier, but this one has a special charm. Instead of a generic motorcycle shaped bottle opener or wall sign, get a custom made drawing of your motorcycle rider’s favorite bike COMMISSIONED.

Platforms like Fiverr allow you to buy a custom-made piece of art from talented artists all around the world. All you’ll have to do is send a few pictures of the motorcycle you want drawn up and possibly the style you want the art made in. Then voila, you’ll get a custom made physical piece of art that your favorite motorcycle rider will cherish, even if they eventually sell that bike off.

Just pick any artist with a decent number of positive reviews here or here, and you’re set!

BONUS 4: Stocking Stuffers for Motorcycle Riders

Maybe a big purchase doesn’t make sense for you right now. In that case, check out this list of small stocking stuffers on Amazon. Lots of low cost, easy things to toss in for the rider in your life.

Picking the Right Gift for Motorcycle Rider in Your Life

Us motorcycle enthusiasts are easy: we just want to be out on the road enjoying our freedom machines. Anything that helps us do that and enjoy the experience more thoroughly and safely is going to make us immeasurably happy.

Anything on this list will please the rider in your life. And if there’s something else you chose that really nailed it with the rider in your life, please leave a comment on this post!

I look forward to hearing from you, and see you and yours out on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to gift someone who rides motorcycles?

Motorcycle riders want to have a fun and safe ride at all times: anything from leather gloves to a comfortable jacket to a Bluetooth intercom system will do that well for any rider. This list should have something for everyone!

What does every biker need?

Every biker needs motorcycle safety equipment like a helmet, jacket designed for motorcycling activity, gloves, boots, riding pants, and bags or luggage to store necessary items on their ride. Little things matter too: sunglasses, neck gaiters, Bluetooth intercoms, multi-tools and universal sockets are all critical.

Are heated motorcycle gloves worth the investment?

Heated gloves are absolutely worth the investment for any motorcycle rider tackling chilly temperatures. Hands are the first part of the body to lose feeling on a cold ride, yet they’re also the most critical part of the body to keep warm. If you lose your hands, you lose control of the motorcycle. So heated gloves are not about comfort so much as safety. They’re a necessity, not a fancy extra.

What should I get my biker boyfriend?

Please do not get him a “Remove before flight” keychain that will whip in his face when he’s trying to weave through traffic on the highway. Go with something on this list, like a Quad Lock phone mount kit or a snappy Klim Marrakesh jacket (that looks good on a dinner date too).

Or just go out on a ride with him!


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