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It’s Better On The Road Acquires MotoGearNuts

We’re excited to announce that we struck a deal to acquire MotoGearNuts, an authority on motorcycle gear from headsets to jackets and beyond. All the content hosted on MotoGearNuts is now hosted on our site.

Founded in 2020, MotoGearNuts aims to provide the most accurate and well-researched reviews of motorcycle gear to help riders separate trash from treasure in the gear world. MotoGearNuts stood out for the depth of their buying guides and customization walkthroughs in particular, which helped riders look past the authority of established brands and find valuable gear that would keep them safe and looking good.

As part of our commitment to inspire personal growth and foster connections among 100,000 explorers, the great content MotoGearNuts produced helps us bring new riders into the It’s Better On The Road community.