46 Cool Motorcycle Helmets to Inspire You

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You remember that guy or gal you had a few classes with in college that wore black to every function?

Me neither. Black is not the most memorable color.

So why does everyone helmet manufacturer insist on giving us the amazingly diverse choice between gloss black and matte black? Because most people agree black at least doesn’t suck.

However, “Doesn’t suck” is a pretty terrible way to choose the style of your riding gear, so in this roundup we’ve pulled together a bunch of cool, unique, and wacky motorcycle helmets from epic graphics to distinct structures and ending with fully custom showstoppers. We included a mix of full-face, open-face, half helmets and motocross lids that offer both protection and style.

Tip: We’ve also put together round ups just for Halo Master Chief helmets and Star Wars helmets.

Whether you want onlookers to believe you’ve just arrived from a distant galaxy or you just want something better than black, we probably found something you’ll like in this list. If not, check out the DIY section to make something one of a kind.

Graphic Motorcycle Helmets

Looking for a helmet from a reputable manufacturer sporting wild graphics? Look no further than this list of graphic helmets from top manufacturers like Icon, HJC, and AGV which include iconic graphics from major franchises like Star Wars.

Icon Airform

Let’s start by talking about the Icon Airform. This lid comes in your standard white and black, but Icon has much more available to add some flair to your rides. Under the looks, you’ll find a solid lid with polycarbonate shell, EPS liner, vents, fog-free face shield, and an internal sun visor. This line of unique helmets also passes DOT and ECE standard, making it safe and strong. As for colorways, you’ll find a few unique ones:

A-10 Warthog – Aggressive, loud, military
Icon Airform Trick Or Street 3 HelmetTrick or Street 3 – Bright, intimidating, wild
Icon Airform Old Glory HelmetOld Glory – Patriotic, resilient, functional
Warden – Dark, Subtle, mesmerizing
Ritemind – For the tokers in the room. Glows in the dark too!

HJC RPHA 1N Joker Helmet

Image Credit: HJCHelmets

This lid from HJC packs everything you need for the street or track, with advanced ventilation including a forehead vent and both clear and smoke-tint shields included. The fiberglass composite shell is a cut above most helmets, and the emergency cheek pads ensure quick removal in the case of a serious crash. Both DOT and ECE approved, this lid is a practical and fun choice. 

And who doesn’t love the Joker decal? Both bright and frightening, it works on many levels, scaring your opponents on the track or keeping cars far away on the freeway. 

HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader

Image Credit: HJCHelmets

This subtle Vader helmet captures the mood of the infamous villain. He is the epitome of intimidation, incredibly powerful yet unnervingly quiet and calm. Don this helmet with a black jacket, and you’ll cut an imposing figure on your bike – an unstoppable force of might and doom. Your powerful engine will roar loudly with each acceleration, and your heavy treads will leave tracks of dark energy in their wake. Darth Vader symbolizes strength and invincibility – something that every motorcyclist can appreciate!

This helmet is on closeout sale at Revzilla, so get supplies while they last! You could also pick up the Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Darth Vader helmet.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Kylo Ren

Image Credit: HJCHelmets

Another HJC lid modeled on a Star Wars villain, this Kyle Ren helmet looks a bit more aggressive than its Darth Vader counterpart – befitting the deranged Kylo’s attitude. 

This lid was released in 2017 and even worn by Jonas Folger for the 2017 French MotoGP! Since it’s rather old, your best bet is to check eBay at the link below for any remaining stock. 

HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper Helmet

Image Credit: HJCHelmets

If you’d rather have a white helmet while still playing the part of the villain, check out this Stormtrooper helmet from HJC. I’m impressed with how they engineered the graphics to create depth around the hoses along the jaw and various other elements that should protrude or sink into the helmet. HJC maintained a perfectly race-ready shell without any ‘catch’ points while staying true to the stormtrooper look. Under the graphics, this is another stellar helmet from HJC. 

Let’s hope you have a bit more situational awareness than the average stormtrooper with this lid on while you’re racing down the road!

It’s been a while since HJC released this helmet, so there aren’t many still on the market. Checking eBay at the link below is your best bet. 

HJC IS-5 Star Wars X-Wing Helmet

Image Credit: HJCHelmets

Another rare release from HJC was the HJC IS-5 Star Wars Poe Dameron X-Wing helmet. This helmet is open face, providing a little less safety in a crash in exchange for more visibility and the wind on your face. HJC once again nailed the 3D effects necessary to make the top shield, face cover, and front-left port visually pop out without needing to change the shape of the shell at all. That ensures nothing snags in a crash, while your lid looks true to the shape of the X-Wing helmet. 

This lid is hard to find these days, so your best bet is to check eBay at the link below. 

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett

Image Credit: HJCHelmets

Released in 2017, this Star Wars classic features the scraped up green and brown helmet of the iconic Boba Fett. Channel the loose-cannon bounty hunter while in the seat of a similarly unhinged bike, like a Ducati Monster. 

There are still some left of these iconic lids floating around on eBay, at the link below. 

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet

Image Credit: AGV

Carbon fiber is both a design treatment and a safety feature when integrated into a helmet. Renowned for its superior strength and lightweight qualities, it is also incredibly durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. The light weight of carbon fiber helmets (this one is just 3.2 lbs) reduces neck strain and fatigue while providing better impact absorption than many other materials like polycarbonate. On top of that, raw carbon fiber just looks amazing with its subtle gray woven texture. 

This helmet from top helmet manufacturer AGV is a modular with a 100% carbon fiber shell, available in both gloss and matte carbon fiber colorway. You get all the features you’d expect from a high end helmet, from a meticulously designed shell shape to effortless vents and a dropdown sun visor. 

Match that faux carbon fiber wallet of yours, or this carbon fiber BMW HP4

Sedici Sistema II Carbon Helmet

Fitting in a more affordable price range than the AGV Carbon helmet, this lid still provides a stunning true carbon fiber look with a dark black visor. You get the benefits of real 6k carbon fiber in this lid as well as a Pinlock-ready visor and high-flow chin and crown vents with multiple settings. This is a road and track ready lid at an affordable price with a show-stopping look. And a modular chin bar. Available in both gloss and matte finish. DOT and ECE safety rated.

HAX Impulse Spitfire

Image Credit: HAX

This helmet looks like the lost love child of a World War II Spitfire and an Ironman – and I love it. This helmet comes with what you’d expect from a higher-priced lid, like a pinlock anti-fog visor and drop down sun shield, but at a very affordable price. 

If you like to swoop in on your friends like a Spitfire swooped in on a Junkers or Heinkel, this is the right lid for you. 

LS2 Spitfire Bombrider Helmet

Image Credit: LS2helmets

Continuing the WWII aviator theme, the LS2 Spitfire Bombrider looks like a proper bomber pilot’s helmet with the decals they would have had on the side during conflict: A beautiful damsel riding a frightening bomb down on to the enemy. 

This helmet is a 3/4 with drop down sun visor, which also includes a loop on the back for goggles should you plan to complete the bomber pilot look!

6D ATR-2 Super Patriot Helmet

Our first off-road helmet on the list is a premium piece packaged in all-American style: the 6D ATR-2 Super Patriot Helmet. This motocross lid packs some of the best technology available to ensure you’re not only safe after one crash, but many – as is common in the off-road world. 

This lid builds in elastomeric dampers that allow the EPS liner to move independently from the outer EPP foam layer. That means less pulling on your neck in the event of a crash, since the helmet can twist without having to pull your head along with it. Even better, this system means you can replace the EPS foam easily without replacing the whole helmet, meaning you can keep using this lid after many hard knocks. 

With the all-American look on this lid, people will think they’ve spotted Evil Knievel next time you’re out thrashing trails. 

O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet

Image Credit: Oneal

If you loved the Spitfire look on the HAX but want something suitable for off-road, you’ll want to check out the O’Neal 5 Series Wingman. With Americana stars and intimidating P-51 teeth on the side, this helmet oozes American grit. O’Neal is known for high-performance, lightweight off-road gear at a decent price point, and this lid is no exception. 

O’Neal 5 Series Warhawk Helmet

Image Credit: Oneal

The same helmet as the Wingman, just a slightly different and more modern style. 

Scorpion EXO-R420 Namaskar Helmet

Image Credit: ScorpionUSA

Let’s cut to a more toned-down lid, in case warfighting isn’t the vibe you’re going for. This very zen-looking Scorpion EXO-R420 Namaskar helmet will also keep your head calm in the event of a crash, given its Snell safety rating and quick-removing cheek pads. 

The mandala pattern comes in gold with a backdrop of either black, purple, or white. 

Arai Corsair Pedrosa Samurai 2 Helmet

Image Credit: Arai

If you’d like a mix between the intimidating graphics of the military-inspired helmets with the serenity of sunsets and eastern philosophy, look no further than the Arai Corsair Pedrosa Samurai 2. This lid will have you looking like a samurai on the highway, and given it’s a high-performance design from Arai, you can take this helmet to the track as well. Arai designed this helmet to handle head-on and glancing impacts while imparting minimal force to the rider’s head and neck, and given the brand supplies helmets to many Moto GP riders, we tend to like what they put on the market. 

You get a choice of range and gray or red, white, and blue for this look. 

Cool Motorcycle Helmets You Can DIY

Now let’s get into some DIY accessories that you can slap on any helmet to enhance your look. Most of these can be bought on Amazon for around $20! Before you get started, read our guide to customizing your motorcycle helmet for tips on repainting a helmet.

Helmet Cat Ears

Want to outsmart your opponents at the next stoplight by making them think you’re nothing but a timid and gentle rider? Pop some cat ears on a pink helmet and wave goodbye as you leave them in a cloud of smoke. 

Cat ears give you a cute and cuddly appearance, under which you can hide your aggressive style or a beautiful face. Solid plastic cat ears with 3M adhesive will stay on through the highest of highway speeds.

Helmet Crown

Whether you’re a king or queen, you should let the world know your status even while you’re out on the road. This velcro-attached crown from 3T makes it easy to pop on your headpiece when you want it and stash it away when you don’t. 

Coming in at an affordable price point, this also makes a nice gag gift for the rider in your life!

Helmet Hair Braids

If you wish your hair could fly out of your motorcycle helmet, why not attach some to the outside? With suction-cup braids, you can do this. Buy pairs here for under $20 in colors ranging from sky blue to purple and rainbow. Simply attach the suction cups to your helmet and you’re good to go. 

Helmet Mohawk

If you want wild hair but braids are not going to do it for you, maybe a mohawk is in your future. This one velcros on so you can remove it if you’re rolling into a business meeting or somewhere else you don’t want your wild side to show!

Helmet Sawblade and Fins

For a more solid mohawk that won’t flap in the wind, or a lurking barracuda look, check out what’s on offer for motorcycle helmet fins. Check out these universal Razorback fins, coming in multiple bright colors (check down the page), or this single-row of aggressive fins that stick on to your helmet. You could even put some fins on a Shark helmet to clearly announce your intented look. 

You can also channel the 90s motocross scene with a single fin on the back of your helmet. FactoryFins provides endless customization options due to their unique 3D printed manufacturing process. 

Helmet LED Lights

Tip: Read our full guide to helmet lights.

Helmet lights are one of the easiest mods you can make to a helmet to both accentuate the look and improve your visibility on the road. Nothing gets us more excited that improving both safety and style simultaneously. 

When shopping for helmet lights, make sure you’re looking buying a weatherproof system that can handle rain as well as the battering that comes from flying through air at 60mph. You’ll also want a strong tape from 3M or similar included to stick the lights to your helmet, and a small and easy-to-place battery box. 

This unit looks to fit the bill on all these fronts, and comes in blue, ice blue (turquoise), green, white, and red. If you want fully customizable lights that can put on a show during your ride, check out this set from Lightmode.

Helmet Covers

Looking for a simple way to transform the entire look of your existing helmet? Check out a helmet cover, like those from Moto Loot. One helmet can jump from panda bear to octopus to chicken as fast as you can change a pair of socks. Bright colors ensure you stand out, and you might catch some pedestrians’ eyes while you’re at it. 

Each cover is fairly cheap, making these a great gift for the rider in your life. 

Skull Style

Looking for a skull style? While skull-style helmets are often pieces of junk, you can pick up plenty of helmets with skull graphics printed on them. You might want to pick up what’s shown here: a Scorpion EXO Covert with the Skull Face Mask popped in. With a few more decals, people will think they’ve spotted a zombie as you cruise past!

For more ideas, check out our roundup of skull helmets from Revzilla and custom painters.

Helmet Wraps

Instead of repainting your helmet, just wrap it with a new design.

Read our full guide to helmet wraps here.

Helmets with Unique Profiles and Shapes

If you’re not satisfied with simply graphics or add-ons to an existing helmet, check out these helmets from top manufacturers that come in unique shapes and styles. Many of these combine multiple styles, like half-helmet and 3/4, giving you the flexibility to choose a new look even with the same helmet. 

Here are our top picks for helmets with unique profiles and shapes. 

Icon Airflite Helmet

The Icon Airflite sits somewhere between a full face and a 3/4 helmet, offering the ample protection of a full face with more of a cybernetic look like a 3/4. The oversized visor allows for a wider angle of view vertically than most helmets offer, while the large chin vent will have you feeling like you’re wearing a 3/4 helmet. You get a drop down sun visor as well, in case you want to ride with the lid up or just temper the sun’s rays. 

The best part is Icon offers the Airflite in a multitude of colorways and designs. A few of our favorites can be found below. Clockwise from top-right, you’ll find: Nocturnal, CrossLink, Blockchain, and, Tiger’s Blood.

Airflite in a multitude of colorways and designs

LS2 Rebellion Helmet

Image Credit: LS2helmets

The LS2 Rebellion is a capable half helmet for cruiser and touring riders with a unique shape and front peak. Most half helmets ignore ventilation entirely, but the Rebellion includes a top port to keep your head cool all around on hot days. A drop down sun shield is also concealed above, giving you built in sun and wind protection. 

It’s Bluetooth-ready as well, allowing for an LS2 LinkIn system or similar to be popped in so you can listen to music in this helmet or chat with your riding buddies. Beyond the straight black variety, LS2 sells a version with a subtle flag motif or bones. are a bones and American flag one as well. 

LS2 Murica Eagle Half Helmet

Image Credit: LS2helmets

Back on my ‘Murica bull**** with this bagger helmet featuring an eagle over an American flag. The lid itself is basic, with a fiberglass shell and removable liner. However, you’re not buying this helmet for the high tech safety features are you? You’re buying this for that staunch bird on the flag. So what are you waiting for? Fire up the hog and snap on this well-priced lid. 

Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet

Image Credit: ScorpionUSA

If the Transformers had motorcycle helmets, they would be rocking the Scorpion EXO Covert X. This lid features three parts you can mix and match: a slim half helmet, ear covers that wrap around the back of your head, and a front face mask. Put that all together, and you have what looks like a full face helmet straight out of Mad Max. Take it all off, and you have a proper bagger half helmet with a drop-down sun visor. 

The Covert X is a versatile helmet for riders who want to change up their look or riding style every so often. Scorpion improved upon the original Covert helmet by integrating their Ultra-TCT fiberglass technology for a lighter and stronger shell. This lid also features front and top air vents for a cool ride. Even better, Scorpion offers face masks that glow in the dark as well as multiple colorways from the Marauder to FX

Bell Rogue Helmet

Image Credit: Bell

The Bell Rogue helmet is an impressive piece of headgear that boasts both style and safety. It has a bold, striking utilitarian aesthetic with a round-oval shape and a lightweight composite shell, making it a great option for those looking for a combination of aesthetics and protection. The helmet is plenty comfortable with ample padding and removable liners, as well as a removable muzzle for added protection from road debris.

Bell Bullitt Helmet

Image Credit: Bell

The Bell Bullitt full face helmet offers riders a classic and understated look with the excellent build quality Bell is known for. This lid features a round oval head shape and three shell sizes for superior safety and a close fit for every rider. The faux-chrome trim around the face opening and lower portion of the helmet contributes to the retro vibe. There is also a built-in flip-up face shield which can be easily removed, along with interchangeable face shields and replacement parts widely available.

Want classic style with modern safety technology? Pick up the Bell Bullitt in a variety of colorways at the link below.

Bell Broozer Helmet

Image Credit: Bell

Another stunner from Bell, the Bell Broozer is a unique helmet that offers the best of both worlds – a full face and open face helmet. It has a removable chin bar and integrated drop-down shield, so the rider can easily switch between the two modes. Safety wise, it is DOT and ECE certified and features a dual-density EPS inner shell for optimum protection. Additionally, it has eyewear arm pockets and padded chin straps for added comfort and convenience.

For an intimidating look on your daily commute or weekend rides, pick up the Broozer in either gloss or matte black at the link below. You can find options with subtle graphics here, here and here.

Veldt Modular Helmet

The Veldt Modular is a high end custom helmet for the rider that wants a classic look exactly to their specifications. When building your own helmet from this French company, you pick the combination of peaks, visors, and face guards you want. They’ll even print custom colors and designs for you. The helmet’s construction goes above and beyond as well, with high-quality Japanese carbon fiber in the shell and well-placed vents on the top. The chin bar and visor are fitted by high-quality Allen bolts for a very firm and secure fit. 

Beyond all the customization and artful patterns the company can put on your lid, Veldt provides two sets of slightly different sized lamb leather covered liners in each box so you can find your optimal fit. This lid is both DOT and ECE approved, and comes with a five-year warranty.

If you’re looking for a helmet nobody else on the streets will have, this is the one to pick up. 

Shark Street Drak 2 Carbon Helmet

Image Credit: SharkHelmets

The Shark Street Drak 2 Carbon Helmet combines the looks of a futuristic jet pilot helmet with those of a skiing commando from a James Bond movie. This helmet comes with integrated goggles that feature a quick release goggle system to allow you to pop them on and off quickly. Plus, those goggles are designed to fit over glasses, in case you wear a pair. While the plastic face mask is purely aesthetic, it will protect you from road debris and add to your intimidating look. 

Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips Dash Helmet

Image Credit: Bell

Our final Bell lid on the list isn’t a purely road helmet – the Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips Dash works both on and off the road. With ample ventilation, an oversized visor and a big peak, this helmet is best suited to the adventure rider that doesn’t know the difference between a back road and a trail. 

From a safety point of view, this helmet integrates the MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection System which allows your head to move independently of the outer shell in case of a crash, which is shown to reduce rotational forces on your neck and brain. This lid is both DOT and ECE approved and comes with a five-year warranty. 

For a great all-around helmet that fits in as well on the motocross track as the street, pick up the Bell MX-9 in one of many stunning color combinations. 

Out of this World Helmets

Now it’s time to get into the crown jewels of custom motorcycle helmets – those helmets you wouldn’t know were for motorcycling until you found the DOT sticker on the back. These will have you looking like you stepped off a spaceship from another world or out of a time machine from a bygone era. These helmets go beyond graphics to embrace the shape and style of some of our favorite villains and heros.

Predator Helmet from Nitrinos

The Predator Helmet from Nitrinos is a work of art, to say the least. Constructed of fiberglass and Kevlar, it’s a true motorcycle helmet complete with the intimidating eyeport and long dreads of the feared Predator. Beware of fakes like this one, which do not conform to the standards of Nitrinos – which created this helmet in 2010. You can customize the helmet with different dreadlocks, an LED light or lasers true to the Predator movie, a new color and even engraving or a full carbon fiber finish. 

Halo Helmet: Master Chief Helmet

This helmet is not only a great collector’s item for any fan of Halo, it’s an eye-catching helmet on its own. It’s DOT approved with an ABS shell, reflective shield and D-ring chin strap as you’d expect on any full-face helmet. Released in 2015 with only a limited number still in circulation, you’ll have to hunt hard to find one of these. 

If you’re in the market for a unique lid, check eBay at the link below or contact the maker of the helmet. That said, it’s not the highest quality helmet. Read our Master Chief helmet guide for ideas on how to build a better version yourself.

Baseball Cap Half Helmet

The design of these helmets has us scratching our heads why we didn’t think of this idea ourselves. You can find these helmets from makers like Mike’s Prolids.

If you want to mess with the cops in a helmet law state with this low profile helmet or give your kid a cooler bicycle helmet, check out offerings on Amazon at the link below. 

One Secret for the Coolest Motorcycle Helmet

Nothing on the list got you excited, from the Bane-worthy Scorpion EXO Covert X to the Arai Samurai?

I get it. I too am one of those particular psychos that craves something nobody else has. For that, I give you:

While the logo might have you thinking I want you to join the air hockey players club I started in 1992, this company is far cooler: Airgraffix is the best custom helmet painter in business. Just look at some of the work they’ve done.

Just pick a design, choose from the many helmets they can put that design on, and pick your size. Or, if you already have a solid colored gloss helmet you want to put one of their designs on, email them your request at [email protected] and tell them the good people over at itsbetterontheroad.com sent you. In just 2-3 weeks they will ship you a top-notch helmet that will look uniquely out of this world.

If you want a different design, check out our guide to customizing motorcycle helmets. You’ll find step-by-step painting and decaling instructions as well as many more pro painters like Airgraffix.

If I didn’t cover a particular helmet or style you’d like to see here, shoot me an email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear about it. 

Motorcycle helmets are never just about safety – they’re also a chance to look badass. With custom designs from famous movies to shapes that evoke bygone eras, you can find (or make) just about anything you like while still protecting yourself in the event of a crash. For more ideas and options, check out all graphic helmets on Revzilla here and filter down to what you’re looking for; whether that’s a dual sport or a half helmet or anything in between.


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