Sena Cavalry – The Best Bluetooth Half Helmet? Or the Only?

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Looking to pick up a Sena Cavalry helmet? It’s got a reputation as one of the best Bluetooth half helmets out there, so we’re going to break down the details and see if it lives up to the hype. 

The first thing we should note is that Sena has discontinued the Cavalry helmet. It’s still available now in certain sizes, but it will get harder to source as stocks dwindle. Unfortunately half helmets are less and less popular these days, with Sena focusing instead on full face and modular options.

Alternatives to the Sena Cavalry

I’d say you’re best off picking up an LS2 Bagger and slapping on a Cardo Packtalk Edge with the Half Helmet Kit. You get a similar look to the Sena Cavalry with vents, sun peak, a zip off neck liner, and speaker pockets plus cable management for your Cardo unit.

Plus it comes in this absolutely wild American Eagle graphic.

Sena Cavalry Half Helmet Specs and Details


We’re going to get into all the details that are important to you, including:

  • The specs of the Sena Cavalry helmet
  • What you need to know about the Bluetooth kit
  • Whether it really is the best bluetooth half helmet on the market

The tech you get in the Sena Cavalry is cool, and we’ll look at it in a moment – but its first job is to protect your head. With that, we’re going to kick off looking at the potentially life-saving qualities of this lid.

Sena Cavalry – The Shell

Like some of the better quality motorbike helmets out there, the Sena Cavalry’s shell is made from a fiberglass composite. 

It comes in an intermediate oval shape – the head shape for most US riders (1) – and sits above your ears. Sena makes two shell sizes that accommodate sizes from XS to 2XL. If you’re a small head in a bigger shell, you could move into mushroom head territory!

Being a half helmet, there’s no vents, which is what you’d expect. Nature gives you all the breeze you need with this one. 

Sena Cavalry – The Padding

On the next layer down, you get EPS, or expandable polystyrene foam. That’s the stuff that really protects your head and ensures this helmet gets its DOT rating. 

The lining is fully removable so you can easily wash it and the Bluetooth kit stays in the helmet and won’t get damaged. 

All in, it’s pretty comfortable to wear for a long drive and shouldn’t irritate your forehead or scalp. 

What else you need to know about the Cavalry

Right out of the box you get:

  • A removable visor – helps the microphone pick up your voice easier
  • A set of ear plates – directs the sound from the speakers into your ears up to about 50mph
  • A set of ear pads – keeps the sound in your ears over 50mph or if you’ve got a noisy bike

All of which are replaceable, but could become harder to find now that the helmet isn’t being manufactured. 


Now you know how to optimize your helmet for the integrated tech, let’s check out what that tech looks and feels like. 

Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Helmet Details

Bluetooth headsets for half helmets tend to be bulky things. You have to add on ear plates that might not be designed for your helmet and the microphone has you looking like an early 00s teenybopper. 

Do you want to look like Britney on your Harley? Photo credit Miguel Riopa via Getty Images.

How does the Sena Cavalry’s integrated system measure up against the standard Bluetooth headsets for half helmets?

Sena Cavalry Bluetooth specs

The Sena Cavalry’s Bluetooth uses Sena 10R hardware, fully tucked away inside the shell of the helmet. With this kit, you get:

  • Bluetooth version 4.1, meaning the battery will last longer than the older 3.0 versions
  • A range of up to half a mile or 900 meters when using the intercom
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life on a full charge 

Features of the Sena Cavalry Bluetooth

There are 5 ways you can use the Bluetooth set up: 

  • As an intercom between up to four riders
  • To listen to FM radio
  • Make, take, and reject calls when paired with your phone
  • Listen to music from your phone
  • Get GPS turn-by-turn instructions through your phone

Plus, you can configure your intercom and volume settings through the Sena Utility app on iOS (2) and Android (3). 

Sena’s Utility app lets you configure your Bluetooth helmet and pair with other helmets.

Sena Cavalry Bluetooth’s Quality

The microphone of this Bluetooth headset sits above your face, kind of far away from your mouth. You might think this isn’t going to work well, but the noise canceling tech that’s included means you can still speak at a normal volume and be clearly heard up to at least 50mph. 

Sena Cavalry's brow microphone and integrated speakers work amazingly well

The speakers are from the Sena 20S set, making them top-quality. They sit above your ears and as long as you use the cups or pads we talked about when you’re going fast or on a noisy bike, you’ll be able to hear just fine. 

It’s worth noting, the Bluetooth rig on this half helmet is water resistant, not waterproof. It only really matters in torrential downpours and you shouldn’t get a short since all the wires are inside the helmet. 

Is the Sena Cavalry the best Bluetooth helmet? 

We like the Sena Cavalry and reckon it’s a shame that it’s no longer made. We put it as the best half helmet with Bluetooth on the market. 

 When you consider the price of a normal half helmet plus a Bluetooth add-on, and the compromise you make having to put a boom mic over your mouth, it’s definitely good value. 

Here’s our overall judgement… 


  • Fully integrated comms system with up to four connections
  • The style is clean and classic
  • The Bluetooth range is good at half a mile
  • You get your tunes, the radio, calls, and even your GPS instructions
  • The Advanced Noise Control™ and Wind Noise Reduction systems make it seem like you’re not even driving
  • The Bluetooth – including managing intercom connections – can all be controlled through an app 


  • It takes up to 2.5 hours to charge and cannot be charged during use
  • Half helmets don’t offer any face protection at all
  • For a half helmet, it’s pretty heavy at 1042g or 2.3lbs
  • You need to remember the ear fittings to get good sound quality
Real Review from Revzilla

FAQs about the Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Half Helmet

How to connect the Sena Cavalry to my Harley Davidson Boom! Box?

To connect your Sena Cavalry with your Harley Davidson Boom! Box, just install the Sena Freewire to your bike. This will sync up the two and allow you to enjoy full stereo sound in your helmet from your Harley.

Is the Sena Cavalry discontinued?

Yes, Sena is no longer making the Sena Cavalry. You can still find it in stock in some places, so if you’re interested you should make the decision ASAP. 

What’s the best half helmet?

We say the best half helmet on the market today is the Sena Cavalry – not just in the bluetooth category. It really is a shame there’s only a limited number available now – it’s a solid helmet made of good materials with a great Bluetooth system built right in. 


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