Magical Thailand

Experience for yourself how this place came to be known as the Land of Smiles.

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This tour is offered through the Ride of Passage, which leads tours money can’t buy.

I moved to Thailand in 2019 with a dream of escaping the rat race in the United States. After nearly five years building a lifestyle here, I’m proud to say Thailand was a huge part of unlocking my potential and my own personal contentment. I designed the Magical Thailand Tour as the first Ride of Passage for a reason: to convey that experience in a single trip, packaged to make it simple for you to take.

The Magical Thailand tour is your ticket to the real Thailand, on motorcycles. We will explore the cultures and histories of Northern Thailand; from trade in the Golden Triangle to migration across the hills of Zomia. Everything is done for you, from rentals to routes, and done to the highest standards in this warm and welcoming land.

Through this experience we will open your eyes together to the size of the world and of your role in it.

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Done For You

Every bit of this journey is organized for you, so you can focus on appreciating this beautiful land instead of struggling to navigate it.

Local Sights and Accommodations

We will bust down the wall of tourism that stands between foreigners and local ways of life. Be ready to push your comfort zone, but also relish in the luxury that is on offer here.

Vetted Group of Riders

Ride with a vetted group of sovereign individuals who all applied to be on this Ride of Passage.