Lost in Thailand Rally

Explore paths less traveled at your own pace with a community of fellow knuckleheads.

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This rally is offered through the Ride of Passage, which leads tours money can’t buy.

The Lost in Thailand Rally comes from my personal experiences moving to Thailand and exploring it on two wheels. As I went deeper in to this land I learned – against my American programming – that bigger is not always better. A small bike moves through the hills and forests of the rugged Thai highlands with far more grace than a large displacement touring bike.

On those journeys in the jungle is where the Lost in Thailand Rally was born. The format of the Rally is different to other Ride of Passage tours: it’s a choose-your-own adventure rally with a group of likeminded individuals. Instead of a pre-planned itinerary, you’re armed with a small and character-filled motorcycle, a group of fellow knuckleheads, and a few scavenger-hunt style goals.

Then you’re let loose to explore the highlands as you please. Stick to the roads or adventure on dirt. Stay in five star hotels or camp in the woods. Eat like a king or share sticky rice with the farmers. It’s all up to you and those you choose to ride with in the cohort that runs this Rally with you.

You start and end with the Ride of Passage team, but what you discover from there is up to you.

For more information and to apply, go to the Ride of Passage website by clicking the button below.

Up To You

We provide you with a small motorcycle, some local knowledge and challenges, and a group of fellow riders to share experiences with. The rest is up to you.

Ride Like a Local

Your small motorcycle will provide plenty of memories all on its own. Don't worry, you're never far from a capable mechanic. You'll make friends with plenty of them - it's all part of the story.

Community of Adventurers

You're not going at this alone. You'll be alongside a community of other likeminded adventures you can ride with or ditch - up to you. But what better way to bond than getting lost together in the Land of Smiles?