American Heartland

Discover the soul of America's Midwest where the hardworking spirit of this country shines bright.

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This tour is offered through the Ride of Passage, which leads tours money can’t buy.

In 2022, I took state highways and backroads across the USA on a Harley feeling for the pulse of the nation. The Midwest, and specifically the Rust Belt, was one of those areas that blew me away. Not only for the beauty of the cities and the landscapes, but the genuine and hardworking people who call this place home. A place forgotten by many, held on by those renewing the land and its history.

The American Heartland Tour traces many of the backroads and small towns I visited on that tour, connecting with the many regenerative farmers, industrialists and Bitcoiners relentlessly and quietly building a better future for their children.

Everything is done for you, from routes to activities, and done family style with historic accommodations found through local contacts. You just come along for the ride.

For more information and to apply, go to the Ride of Passage website by clicking the button below.

Done For You

An entire journey through the history and local realities of the Midwest, planned and organized for you.

Local Sights and Accommodations

Eat off the farms, stay in local and historic accommodations, and discover sites only locals know.

Vetted Group of Riders

Ride with a vetted group of sovereign individuals who all applied to be on this Ride of Passage.