Riding in the USA: West Coast

The Pacific Coast Highway is just the beginning of what the West Coast has to offer.

The Riding in the USA: West Coast guide will take you on the legendary Pacific Coast Highway and beyond to enjoy everything this region of the vast American landscape has to offer. This guide comes with a four-seasons packing list, preparation checklist, rentals and recommendations for the region as well as 8 fully mapped routes you can ride to take you far off the tourist path.

Why ride the USA West Coast?

The West Coast offers an unparalleled riding experience, featuring iconic highways like the Pacific Coast Highway, vast deserts, lush forests, and an inviting motorcycle culture. It's a perfect mix of adventure, beauty, and freedom.

While this isn't a part of the world that's easy to ride on a budget, it's well worth the cost to experience the motorcycle culture of America at its finest and some of the best roads in the world. This is a place you can push a big bike hard, enjoy beautiful vistas, and eat some of the finest cuisine in the world all in one day.

But steering clear of high costs and heavy traffic in America is no easy feat – unless you're armed with a few local tips. Written by an American living and riding on the West Coast, this guide gets you out on the open road without selling a kidney or sitting in traffic. This guide isn't a generic "best routes in America" guide, it's a local's hidden gems - from roads to restaurants and hotels.

Here's what you get inside the guide:

The top reasons to ride on the West Coast

What makes the West Coast so incredible for motorcycle riders? Here are all the facts, and ways to avoid the bad sides.

Planning your trip

Preparation is key for a smooth trip. We cover essential tips on gear, weather considerations, and navigating the diverse terrains you'll encounter, ensuring you're fully prepared for the ride of a lifetime.

Top routes to ride on the West Coast

Explore eight handpicked routes that showcase the stunning variety of the West Coast, from the scenic coastlines to the majestic mountains, each offering a unique riding experience for varying skill levels.

Renting a motorcycle

Whether you're looking for a high-performance sportbike or a comfortable cruiser, our recommendations on rental options across the West Coast will help you find the perfect match for your journey.

Avoiding pitfalls

Navigate your trip with confidence, avoiding common challenges with our advice on staying safe, dealing with traffic, and making the most of your West Coast adventure.

Enjoying the cuisine

A ride through the West Coast isn't complete without tasting the amazing food coming out of this part of the world, from sourdough breads to wine and Latin spice to Asian fusion. We guide you to the best local eats that will satisfy your hunger and enhance your journey.

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Whether you've never considered riding on the West Coast or you're dying to go, this guide will help you figure out the next step.

This guide was crafted by a local who has spent decades riding this region. If there's anything you'd like him to focus on, shoot me an email at [email protected]. I'll get right back to you.