Riding in Thailand

The ultimate guide: Everything from packing to arriving and riding in Thailand.

The Riding in Thailand guide is all you need to ride this entire beautiful land like a local. Inside you'll find a full packing list, preparation checklist, motorcycle rental options and cultural guidance. We've also included 8 fully mapped routes across the best region to ride - Northern Thailand - to take you far off the tourist path.

Why ride in Thailand?

Thailand is a paradise for bikers, with its unique blend of affordability, warm hospitality, and a variety of roads and trails that cater to every riding preference. From the thrill of navigating twisty mountain passes to the challenge of off-road trails, this guide uncovers Thailand's most coveted routes. I'll reveal all of my favorites routes in this guide.

With insights from an American who calls Thailand home, this guide goes beyond typical travel advice, offering insider tips for immersing yourself in the true essence of Thai culture, avoiding common tourist pitfalls, and ensuring a journey marked by comfort, safety, and authenticity.

But navigating Thailand can be intimidating – unless you're armed with local knowledge. Written by an American who calls Thailand home, that's exactly what this guide offers. This guide will breeze you past the tourist traps and into the serene beauty of amazing Thailand: a place unmatched comfort, cuisine, and relaxation. This guide isn't a travel blogger's opinion piece; these are actual routes I ride every day and tips I follow on the road myself.

Here's what you get inside the guide:

The top reasons to ride in Thailand

Thailand might not be on your list of places to ride, but it should be; it is motorcycle paradise.

Planning your trip

Getting to Thailand sounds hard, but we'll make it easy: from hotels to motorcycle rentals to the ideal time of year.

Top routes to ride in Thailand

You get 8 fully mapped routes. Not just A to B, but personal recommendations for cafes and restaurants and hidden gem hotels.

What to pack for your trip

Pack only the essentials so you can travel light, and know what you can pick up once you land for cheap. Packing list included.

Getting to Thailand

We'll give you a full checklist for traveling to Thailand, from entering the country without hassle to getting cellular service and adjusting to the time change. Start your trip with zero stress.

Enjoying Thailand

As an American living in Thailand, I can translate the cultural norms from East to West so you can avoid the bad sides of Thailand entirely (food poisoning, touristy areas) and enjoy all the good this culture has to offer (street food, friendly people). Expanded language and cultural knowledge from the free guide.

How to ride in Thailand

Stay safe on Thai roads; they're easier to ride than you think. Mandatory reading!

Coming soon!

Whether you've never considered riding in Thailand or you're dying to go, this guide will help you figure out the next step.

Every tip was crafted from my personal experience living and riding here. Read the free guide first and let me know what you want me to expand on in this full guide with an email to [email protected]. I'll get right back to you.