Riding in Japan

A nation of racetrack roads nobody has the courage to try: until now.

The Riding in Japan guide will take you through the winding mountain passes and ancient historical sites of the island chain that is the nation of Japan. This complete guide has a full packing list, preparation checklist, rentals and recommendations across the country as well as advice to help you adapt to the riding conditions of Japan's roads. We also threw in 8 fully mapped routes you can ride to take you far off the tourist path.

Why ride in Japan?

Japan offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition combined with a stunning mountainous landscape, making it a fascinating and thrilling destination for riders. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene landscapes of Kyoto, riding in Japan is about discovering a harmonious blend of culture, technology, and nature. I'll reveal all of my favorites routes in this guide. For a teaser, read my latest ride report of Japan.

What might be surprising to most is that riding here can even be done enjoyably on a budget, as little as $100 a day. Hotel rooms run small, but they're clean and well-maintained with many options available for as low as $40 per night. Food is exceptional everywhere in the country - especially small towns - and cheap: expect to spend just $7-10 for a basic meal.

But navigating Japan can be a struggle if you're not aware of the traffic patterns and roads – unless you're armed with local knowledge. Written in partnership with Japanese and foreign riders living and riding in Japan, that's exactly what this guide offers. This guide will take you past the tourist traps and in to the heart of the amazing history and heritage of this beautiful and safe country. This guide isn't a travel blogger's opinion after a month in Japan; these are the actual routes and tips locals are riding every day, year after year.

Here's what you get inside the guide:

The top reasons to ride in Japan

Japan is one of the most developed and safe places in the world, yet has plenty of quiet mountain passes to enjoy on two wheels. Plus, onsens.

Planning your trip

Everything from hotel advice to finding the right motorcycle to ensuring your paperwork is in order so you can get to twisting the throttle as fast as possible.

Top routes to ride in Japan

We've handpicked eight spectacular routes that showcase the beauty and diversity of Japan. From the iconic Mount Fuji to the historic streets of Nara, these routes promise an exhilarating ride and breathtaking views. Not just A to B, but personal recommendations for viewpoints, cafes and restaurants to visit along the way and hotels at different budget levels, from capsule hotels to five star luxury.

What to pack for your trip

What essentials are necessary to bring from home, depending on the season you're riding in. Full packing list included

Getting to Japan

Tips for traveling to Japan, including airport and train information as well as time zone adjustment. Japan can be overwhelming - let's make it easy.

Enjoying Japan

Japan's culture is like nowhere else in the world, so let's get you prepared so you avoid sticking out as the rude foreigner. We'll also give you some tips to go deeper in to Japan's history and culture while you're visiting.

How to ride in Japan

Get up to speed on Japan's road etiquette and signage so you can enjoy the road without causing problems. Mandatory reading!

Coming soon!

Whether you've never considered riding in Japan or you're dying to go, this guide will help you figure out the next step.

Let me know what you'd like to see in this guide by shooting me an email at [email protected]. I'll get right back to you.